Our Story

Regardless of your fondness for roses or thorns, Happy F-ing Valentine’s Day speaks to those unforgettable moments in our lives when Cupid’s arrow catches us in the groin and says, “Here’s a tourniquet.”

It’s the salt that compliments the sweet, the optimist who balances the pessimist. So it was when life’s yin and yang called the film’s writers, Sheila E. Schroeder and Kate Burns, and asked for one script that would provide a reason to carry on after a series of life’s bad turns. And here we are. Futzing with this word or that, sweating out a one frame or two frame trim in the edit, orchestrating a team of veteran and rookie filmmakers. And through it all, making a feminist comedy designed to inspire our better halves.

Now some are offended by our title. We get it. But just as the movies taught us that there is crying in baseball, sometimes breaking the rules of decorum is necessary. The title says it all really.  And it calls us in to see what the fuck is going on. The answer: life.